Privacy Policy

We often see privacy policies that are impossible to understand, too technical, too comprehensive, and written by lawyers for lawyers. We hope this privacy policy is different and easy to understand for you.

We try to make an app that puts you first in every decision, and we hope it shows. We'll keep improving our privacy policy, and we'll let you know in the app if something significant changes.


This privacy policy is about what we do but we also think it's important to talk about the things we won't do. We'll:

  • never sell your personal data
  • never prioritize certain stores over others
  • never spam you

How eTilbudsavis Works

When we talk about the app we mean our website, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android.

At a basic level, you can use our app quite anonymously. We don't track you or send your personal data to third parties.

When you use our app we ask you if we may use your location data. We process your IP address if you haven't given us GPS access or manually entered your address. We do this to show you relevant deals in your vicinity, see GDPR article 6(1)(f). We don't store your IP address.

You can always delete this information in the app by resetting your address where you normally enter one.

You also have the option of subscribing to certain stores, save searches, create shopping lists, etc. You can do all of this without giving us your name or e-mail (except for the website).

You can optionally attach your e-mail to the anonymous account so that you can sign in to other devices. When you create an account we only ask for your name, e-mail, and a password to create a secure login for you, see GDPR article 6(1)(f). The password is encrypted and can't be read by us.

You can delete your account on the website. Your account will be deleted immediately and you can't undo it. You're always welcome to create a new account though.

If you don't delete your account, your data will remain in our database.

How We Make Money

We make money in three ways: every time you open an deal or catalog, we receive a small amount from the store. We also have a product called Insights where businesses can see which deals people search for, which catalog are popular, etc. Finally, we have a product called Incito that allows businesses to create inspiring digital catalogs automatically.

We don't prioritize certain stores over others and there are no auctions. We don't show external ads or sell your personal data. We'll always be free to use for you.

Preferences / Cookies

We only use cookies to make our apps work so that you can login, save your address, save your searches, share your shopping list with others, etc.

We don't save your address in our database behind the scenes. The address is only saved in the app itself so we can show content near you as the app is built around content near you.


Push Notifications

We only send you push notifications if you've allowed the app to do so and you use a feature that is intended to send you a push notification, see GDPR article 6(1)(a).

You can always disable these features to disable push notifications. Or disable push notifications in settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


We don't send you any e-mails unless you do something where it's natural, and we have a wish to get in contact with you, see GDPR article 6(1)(f):

  • when you create an account we'd like to validate your e-mail
  • when you change your e-mail we'd like to validate your new e-mail
  • when you ask to reset your password
  • when your saved searches have new results
  • when someone shares their shopping list with you
  • when a store you subscribe to has a new catalog

Access Your Data and Your Other Rights

You can always contact us on if you want to know which data we have on you. We can only do this if you've created an account with an e-mail as we wouldn't otherwise be able to find your personal data.

You can also write us to fix incorrect data about yourself that for one reason or the other have been registered in the app.

In certain cases you also have the right to get your personal data deleted and the processing of your data limited. Please be aware certain features in the app depend on your personal data (like logging in), and by limiting the use of your personal data, you won't be able to use all features. In addition, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data.

Who Can Access Your Data

We have a principle that as few people as possible should be able to access your data. That is why only a few trusted developers have the option of accessing the database because they work on improving the app each day, just like only a few of our suppliers have access to your data to make sure the app works optimally. No one can see your password as it's encrypted.

All of our developers are based within EU/EEA, and we never transfer your data to countries outside this area.


eTilbudsavis is owned by Tjek A/S that is responsible for your data. If you wish to file a complaint you can always reach out to the Danish Data Protection Agency. You can find Tjek A/S' contact info here.

Final Thoughts

Our work isn't done yet. In the future we wish to secure your privacy even more.

We believe your privacy should be secured through technology and not words in a privacy policy. In theory we could write whatever we wanted and do something else. That's why true security is our goal just like we see messaging apps that have end-to-end encryption where you can write friends and family without anyone eavesdropping.

We are however quite proud of our approach to privacy and we hope you can see the work we've put into it.

Third Parties


Privacy policy.

Saves the potential errors that happens in your browser when you visit our website. We use TrackJS to be able to quickly fix these errors. Your IP address is not saved.

Isn't enabled automatically and is only used on our website.


Privacy policy.

Firebase Crash Reporting

Like TrackJS, Firebase Crash Reporting does the same just for our Android app. They save your IP address and we can't disable that.

Isn't enabled automatically and is used in our Android app.


When you install our Android app Google will measure certain things as part of the operating system. This is the case for all apps and out of our control.

Google Maps

We use Google Maps on our website and in the Android app to show your location and stores on a map.

Amazon Web Services

Privacy policy.

Amazon Web Services is responsible for servers, databases, and infrastructure. We continue to improve security both online and offline. For example, we've enabled database encryption to avoid physical access to data in Amazon's data centers.

Google Cloud

Privacy policy.

Google Cloud is like Amazon Web Services, where we also manage servers, databases, and infrastructure.

Apple: iOS

Privacy policy

When you install our iOS app Apple will measure certain things as part of the operating system. This is the case for all apps and out of our control.

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